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We offer various plants and flowers for sale and landscape design and installation. Call 845-459-0945!

If you are looking for a greenhouse with plants, shrubs, trees, flowers and gardening supplies, stop by!

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Custom Landscaping

We are custom landscape experts at J. Krokus Nursery in New City NY. If your residential or commercial property needs improvements, call our professional landscapers for customized solutions. Whether you need seasonal gardening, tree and plant installation, or mulching, we have the expertise to get the job done right.

Very Large & Unique Selection

We carry a large and unique selection of products at J. Krokus Nursery including flowers, shrubs, trees, annuals, perennials, evergreens, bulk mulch and composted soil and bagged mulch and soil. As a family owned and operated greenhouse for over 40 years, you can trust us for all of your landscaping needs!

Retail & Wholesale

At J. Krokus Nursery in New City, NY, we offer retail and wholesale shrub, tree and flower sales. Our wide variety of greenery is sold at competitive prices. Call 845-459-0945 today to learn more!

Delivery & Installation Available

Are you interested in purchasing a tree, but don't have a way to transport it? If you purchase a tree, shrub, plant, mulch or soil from J. Krokus Nursery, we can deliver it for you. We even offer installation services so you don't have to lift a finger! We are dedicated to going above and beyond to make sure our customers are happy.

Call J. Krokus Nursery Inc. in New City NY today at 845-459-0945.